Qatar 2022 Preview

qatar 2022 preview

For a sports fan, it doesn’t get much bigger than this. The NBA season is back underway, the MLB postseason is coming to a dramatic conclusion, the NFL is… well, it’s the NFL, and esports fans have been treated to back-to-back mega events in League of Legends’ World Championships and Dota 2’s The International.

Each of these in their own right is enough to get millions of us excited, but they pale in comparison to the biggest event of them all: The FIFA World Cup. Every four years, the world’s best compete over a month of madness against the backdrop of hundreds of thousands of travelling fans, partisan to their national team, but together in their love of the beautiful game.

This year may be a bit different. After all, it’s in Qatar, not known for its soccer prowess, but certainly setting itself up as the host of one of the most creative, adaptive tournaments to date. And then it’s landed mid-season, starting on November 22 with the hosts taking on Ecuador. This is no ordinary tournament, this is something a bit different, a bit unknown, and that surely makes it all the more exciting for sports bettors the world round.

Fine-tuned futures

At Pinnacle Solution, we’ve been getting in the mood following the ongoing T20 Cricket World Cup, the Rugby League World Cup, the Women’s Rugby Union World Cup, and the nearest we can get to esports world cups in LoL and Dota 2. Now it’s our soccer trading team’s chance to shine, and to show what they’re all about when it comes to delivering the best Futures, pre-match, and in-play betting content you can find, on the biggest stage of all.

Our partners can already service their soccer bettors with the biggest Outright markets, with the best risk management built in. We take big bets across our network so operators can have the peace of mind that our prices are as sharp as they can be at any given moment. We’re not following the markets, we’re utilising decades of data analytics and risk management expertise, and the highest standard of trading skill.

Whether your players want to back one of the favourites like Brazil (5.000*) or a dark horse like Uruguay (51.730*), or think their money lies better on the Golden Boot market with Harry Kane (13.150*), we will service that action and return a price and position to optimise every partner’s risk.

But it’s not all about the big Outright bets. Bettors are increasingly moving to side bets, and we have the team markets in Team Total Offsides and Team To Win From Behind, just to give two examples. Goalscorers are covered with our proprietary in-house modelling, while game periods can be bet on in 15-minute intervals so customers can continue to stay engaged throughout the 90 or 120 minutes.

Are you ready?

This year’s edition is a huge opportunity to make 2022 one of those golden years for the sportsbook operator. Whatever your results have been to date, working with the right partner for Qatar can take your sportsbook performance to the next level.

Yes, bettors want to bet when these events come around. And they may not be as sharp as they sometimes are, fervently backing their homeland or favourite player to score. But that’s the more reason to optimise your positions in real-time, working with the best in risk management, to earn those incremental percentage points which are so much more valuable when the turnover is so much larger.

The squads may still be shaping up, and who knows how Qatar will look to fans and players in the heat, but one thing that is known is that this is a betting tournament for the ages. Covering a favourable time zone and with up to four games in a day, we can’t wait to watch, enjoy, but most importantly, do what we do best and give our partners the best possible chance of winning over fans, and increasing their bottom line throughout November and December.

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